iGEM Association


iGEM Uppsala would never be what it is today without the help of our sponsors. The quality of the projects that we make would not be at the same level as it is today if it were not for faculties, companies and governmental funding that has stood by our side.

The iGEM competition is a big international competition in the field of synthetic biology with nearly 300 teams from all over the world participating. Uppsala University has competed in this competition since 2009 with a broad spectrum of projects such as light regulated gene expression (2011), finding alternative solutions to the problem of antibiotic resistance (2012), eradicating pathogenic microbes through reprogramming bacteria to target these microbes (2014), degradation of carcinogenic substances (2015) and more. The goal is to plan projects that could be possible solutions to problems within anything in the medicine sector, environmental sector, food/nutrition and many more. If you are interested in aiding us in iGEM Uppsala to achieve these goals we would be very grateful for any kind of sponsorship, from products to money. In exchange we will provide you with the following:

  • Be associated with the strong brand name of Uppsala University
  • Be associated with the increasingly growing field of synthetic biology and furthermore the students within the field
  • Be seen in an international arena where both large and small biotechnological/bioinformatical companies and life science companies are represented

The gratitude of your cooperation will be presented through the carrying of your company logo on Team Uppsala University’s shirts, team-website, posters and also during the presentations that will be held during the championships at MIT in Boston.

Uppsala University

Uppsala University was founded in 1477 and has been a very important sponsor for iGEM Uppsala throughout the years. The department of biology education centre (institutionen för biologisk grundutbildning, IBG) has been an important sponsor of the iGEM project for many years in everything from giving us access to labs to sponsoring us with reagents. Most of the lab equipment we use are also provided by them. Without the help of IBG it would be much harder for iGEM Uppsala to continue and we are very grateful for their help.


TekNat is a faculty consisting of 11 departments active in the fields of biology, computer science, physics, geological science, chemistry, mathematics and technology. TekNat gives strong support to iGEM Uppsala by sponsoring with money to cover the entrance fee in the competition in Boston, which greatly helps and makes it possible for all students in the iGEM team to participate. If it wasn't for that support, the expenses would be much higher for the individuals and it is not likely that everyone would be able to get the great chance of meeting other teams and enjoy the final part of the competition. Due to this, we are very grateful for their help.

QIAGEN Bioinformatics

QIAGEN Bioinformatics (former CLC bio) is a world leading bioinformatics software developer that started in 2005 in Denmark. Their software is useful to analyze and visualize the sequenced genome. QIAGEN Bioinformatics is an important sponsor for iGEM Uppsala providing us with the CLC Main Workbench software. The CLC Main Workbench is a tool of great significance when designing primers and gene design. We are grateful for the sponsorship and the support.


SciLifeLab is a department at Uppsala University that helps iGEM Uppsala alot by sequencing genes for free. If it wasn't for their support it would be much harder for us to progress in the project and we are thankful for their help.

iGEM Uppsala Association