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IGEM Uppsala Youtube Channel

During the project of Uppsala igem 2014 our Youtube channel was born and since then our teams have contributed with more videos every year. In our Youtube channel, we post videos about synthethic biology, iGEM, our city and some fun spoofs!

Microfluidic chip instruction video

The team of 2016 designed and built their own microfluidic chip! See how they did in this instruction video.

iGEM Funk

See the team of 2015 in this totally fabulous music video.

Nordic iGEM Conference

Here is a brief wrap-up of all the fun we had during the Nordic iGEM Conference in Uppsala 2015. We had the honor of having Randy Rettberg, cofounder of iGEM, as a guest and here you can watch an interview with him.

What is Synthetic Biology

Follow Kira as she explain what Synthetic Biology is and what application it has in our modern sociaty. Best whatched with Ben and Jerry

Uppsala touring and spoofs

Take a tour around Uppsala with our guide Teresa Reinli. She will take you to all the great landmarks of Uppsala and show you some of our tradition that the students of Uppsala have been so famous for! Alos don't forget to check out our musical spoofs about iGEM

Media Coverage

Media is the most efficient way of informing the public in a national or global scale. This is what makes media so important for us at iGEM Uppsala. We want to spread the many possibilities of synthetic biology and genetically modified organisms (GMO). In order for the public to understand why we perform our projects, the public needs to know the true nature of the problem that we are trying to solve.

List of the media coverage

Media Source Year
SR-Vetenskapsradion A podcast from the swedish science radio show about CRISPR/Cas9 2016
UNT Paper from Uppsala local newspaper 2015
Ergo Paper from Uppsala student newwspaper 2015
SciLifeLab Researc institute for Life Science located in Uppsala and Stockholm 2015
Bladet No link available. From the student biology magazine Bladet 2015
Bi-Lagan No link available. From the magazine with inspiration for teachers in biology Bi-Lagan 2015
UNT An article from Uppsala local newspaper 2014
SR-Vetenskaps Radion A podcast from the swedish science radio show 2014
NyTeknik No link available. From the magazine NyTeknik 2013
TV4 A reportage from the local tv news on channel 4 2013
Sveriges Radio A podcast about highshool initiative 2013
Kemivärlden Biotech An article from Kemivärlden Biotech> 2013
Ergo Paper from Uppsala student newspaper Ergo 2012
UNT Paper from Uppsala local newspaper 2012
UNT Paper from Uppsala local newspaper 2012
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